Friday, October 06, 2006

Crazed Rants

Okay, I wasn't expecting a lot from Ashland, but you would think that it might try to compete with undergrad. I'm taking a Hermeneutics class that's about half of what I had to do for Hermeneutics at Malone, and everyone's panicking because the paper is 15 pages. Let's get real, people; we're doing this practically two pages at a time.

Furthermore, what's up with 96 hours to get a Master's in NT? Gina's doing 50 hours for a Master's in English, and she's already learning theory. If there is such a thing as biblical theory, I should be learning it by now. Also, why four classes at a time? It must be on account of the dollars, because it makes no sense (no pun intended) for a Master's degree. You can't take four classes when you're learning frickin' theory! Also, why am I being assigned a mere 30 pages of reading a week? At Malone, I had to read 30 pages per class, and that was twice a week.

Also, why is there like 1500 ways to get credit without actually learning? You can take a "lecture" course, which takes place on like two weekends or something, you can go to Israel or Greece for freebie credits; heck, I've even heard they give "life credits," which is the equivalent of saying, "You're old, you can't possibly learn anything at your age, so I'll just give this crap away." Imagine if the Boy Scouts worked on that principal. No wait. Actually, don't.

Seriously, credits for going on vacation? WHAT!?!

But my biggest gripe is why there is no teaching assistantship that I can apply for. Doesn't Ashland have need for some fresh young fools to teach undergrad-level gen-ed NT and OT courses?

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