Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coming to Terms

I think I'm finally beginning to be able to deal with my going to Ashland. Every week, as I think about my lousy, lousy job, I realize that the goal of being a Bible Professor will be worth it. Gina and I got a chance to sit down and really map out my schedule at Ashland over the next few years, and we decided I'm going to pursue my Master's in 4 years. It's been a huge relief to me to be able to take two classes at a time. The only thing now is that Gina will be stuck doing her Doctoral work at OSU. Once she gets to the thesis, around the time I'll be getting my Master's, it will be time to move again so I can get a Doctorate at Princeton or somewhere.

And I've been working on my final papers for my classes, and I'm realizing that these classes are as challenging as I make them. If I try to turn in A quality work, it does take some effort.

And as far as the move to Columbus: while I will probably never understand this town's obsession with college football, at least I have friends here. I'm helping teach a life group at my church and I'm realizing how that's really helping me to prepare to teach. I guess I'm finally beginning to see God's plan in all this chaos. And the good news is, I'll get a reprieve soon, as I only have a couple of other assignments before the quarter ends.

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