Monday, March 12, 2007

Job blues

I've hated my current job at Teleperformance since I got it in September. But now I have interviewed at Starbucks. I should be hearing back soon whether they will hire me. But strangely, I'm not as excited about getting out of my job as I expected.

Perhaps my whole attitude was wrong. I do enjoy some very nice benefits at my current job. I get to work only two days a week (two 10 hour shifts), and I often have the option of getting sent home early. Plus, that schedule is consistently the same. Also, I could easily move up to full time in the summers of 40 hours without having to find a new job, then move back down to 20 hours in the fall (although I may not be so lucky as to work Thursday and Friday). Plus, most of the time I get to take "get connected" calls, which have no time limit, and therefore are easy, fun, and morally fulfilling since you're actually helping people.

However, the big reason I hate this job is because of the "east" calls, which are on a strict time limit of 12 mins 30 secs, whether you provide any help or not. The time limit is the primary score your job is based on when it comes to these calls, so far and above doing the right thing is getting people off the phone. It's stressful, slow, and morally devastating. Working a 10 hour shift with 10 minute calls makes for a suicidal experience.

However I recently signed up for a huge overtime incentive wherein I just made about $250 in 10 hours by working over the weekend. They run these great incentives every so often, and this time we really needed the money. I prayed about it, and it provided the exact amount of cash we needed, so I decided to sign up. I did so with the forceful courage of doing the right thing for the right reasons. It enabled me to just work and not worry about the scores. Being in the right gave me freedom. In fact, I realized I've been pulling up my numbers in "east" calls and will probably be okay to continue with this job with little or no ill effects. I still don't really like them, but they're not so scary as they used to be. The only thing is, I never know when they might drop "get connected" altogether (things change severely and often there) and I'll be left with only "east" calls.

Those are all my feelings about Teleperformance. I recently thought Starbucks was a dream job, but my interview has left me conflicted.

Starbucks offers a few really great features over my current job. First, it will allow me to work a variety of different hours, many of which could be in the daytime. While I'm not all for flexible shifts, it would give me the benefit of being able to call off whenever someone could cover a shift for me. Most importantly, it's a face-to-face job wherein I can interact with people instead of living in a cave as a telephone robot. I could actually get real capital-B Benefits on 20 hours for a nominal fee (I think $70/month). Considering I can't do that at Teleperformance until I hit 30 hours (and I've been without healthcare for a while now), it's a really good thing. It's also a lot closer to home and would allow me to transfer to other stores.

However, there are some qualms I have with it. It seems like it's corporate brainwashing of the highest order. I'm used to that with Allstate and Hewlett-Packard, but I tire of it the older I get. I long for a job that doesn't ask for my soul. Most importantly, I'll never get close to 40 hours during the summer, which means I won't make as much money. There are options I can pursue to increase income during the summer, such as volunteering to fill in at other area stores and taking over other peoples' shifts. However, that makes getting close to 40 hours a constant pain. Also, while I'm excited about working daytime hours, they require openers to be in at 5 AM, which is a ridiculous adjustment when I'm used to going to bed at 3 AM right now. Not only that, but closers will have to be there until 11:45. That means that I could close and open in the same week, meaning that sleep is going to be tougher to get than ever. Finally, the last thing that bothers me is the idea of having to learn a new job completely over again. This one doesn't bother me as much, because the manager seems really nice and I don't think they'd be unforgiving of the learning process. However, the thought of having to learn a new job still sucks.

But I also waffle back against those criticisms. It's unlikely that I'd ever work a full 40 hour week at Teleperformance, either. First, they send people home early a lot, and secondly, I really don't know if I can handle it. Also, Teleperformance is changing things constantly, so re-learning is going to be a constant part of life either way.

So I've prayed and asked God to just make the decision for me. I asked that if he wanted me to take the Starbucks job, let them offer me the job and I'd take it. I asked that if he didn't want me to take it, let them not offer it to me. However, I'm feeling guilty about that, because I always feel it's a cop-out. God obviously wants us to make our own decisions (if he didn't, nothing in the world makes any sense; think about it). So I prayed and told God that if I'm offered the job, I want to prayerfully consider my direction, but I asked him to give me all the help he can so I can know what will glorify him most.

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Cheezer said...

I really liked what you said about the overtime you did at your job and how you worked those overtime hours with "forceful courage." Amen to that, and I've known that feeling before. When doing paper routes, often I remember that I'm supporting a family and how it is so worth it to work extra for them. Recently, I've done many routes and it has gotten to the point where I'm anxious to get another chance to deliver papers because I love earning the money for our family.