Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've been listening to this band called The Protomen for about a week now. You can find their website here and their myspace here. You can also listen or buy from iTunes (which is what I did). They basically have taken the tale of Mega Man and Protoman from the Mega Man games and weaved a rock opera from it. The music tells the story in the most universal and accessible ways without losing the integrity of being a real rock band (not wimpy Nickelback rock).

In their dramatic retelling, Dr. Wily is as oppressive as Josef Stalin and Dr. Light takes on an almost allegorical role of God. Protoman, his first creation, succumbs to evil, much like the first man, Adam. On the other hand, Mega Man is unstoppable and does not fall to the temptations of evil. Maybe it's just the culmination of 9 months of seminary, but I was seeing some Christian allegory there. Either way, it's a good listen if you like real rock music.

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