Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's going to take more than that, Apple

Well, Apple, you've caught my attention with your shiny new iPhone. But your first attempt is weak. If you want to sell me an iPhone, you're going to need to step up. Here are my bare minimum requirements:

-The cost needs to be $300 or less. I will not budge on this. I can get a real iPod (30 GB) for $250 new, and I can get a cell phone for free. Who are you kidding with $600?
-Get off the exclusive contract with AT&T and offer the phone for any carrier. If you expect me to make a long-term replacement of my iPod mini, I need the freedom to shop around for cell phone deals. I can't risk being tied to an already-expensive carrier that may decide to price-gouge in the near future.
-Open up the OS. If you want to be a smart-phone, put your money where your mouth is. I can get the Bible, Word & Excel, NES emulation, and all kinds of games for any Palm or Pocket PC-based device, but with iPhone, you expect me to use web-based software? Bump that.
-Offer more storage. While my small music collection will be fine on an 8GB iPhone, Gina will need 6GB just for music. That doesn't leave much space for all the multimedia stuff you want me to do (and those programs you need to let me run).
-Fix the voice quality issues. Come on, cell phone quality is bad enough; don't make it worse.
-Allow your web browser to view Flash media. It's 2007; what internet were you talking about when you said the iPhone's internet isn't "watered down," but "just the internet"?
-Add in an output to video. The docks for normal iPods now output to video and audio so you can do music/photo slideshows or videos on your TV. Why is the iPhone audio only? And while we're on the subject, why can't the iPhone get calls while it's docked? You can't just make the screen flash when I get a call and give me the option to pick it up?
-Iron out the other kinks, like how you can't have a wide keyboard when writing notes in landscape mode. You should be ashamed. I give you 6 weeks to get this corrected.

There's a whole other host of things Apple could do to improve the iPhone (like video and flash for the camera), but that's not what this is about. Any other improvements will just be distractions from the main weaknesses I listed above. Make it happen, Apple, or you'll be selling your phone to elitists only.

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Cheezer said...

I hear that! Apple has some serious stepping up to do. I might consider an iPhone once version 5.0 comes out, and they have since added these and other features. Of course, by then, hopefully other cell phones will be pulling off similar stunts (which is a certainty, as some phones have already done similar things as the iPhone - the LG Prada, which also has a large size touchscreen like the iPhone).